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Questions 30.09.2019
by TStabile - (2019-09-30)
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Tecla Stabile

What’s your name?

How are you?

Where do you live?

Do you live in a flat or in a house?

What there are in your first floor?

Which is your favorite room in the first floor?

Where do you have breakfast?

Do you like eat?

What’s your favorite food?

Do you like hot food?

What can you cook?

What you like doing in you spare time?

Where you go out with your friends where you are generally go?

When were you born?

What did you forget at home?

How long does it take you go to school? It takes me …

How far is … to here?

How many rooms are in the first floor?

How are your living room furnished?

What do you generally do in the living room? I welcome my guest.

What’s his name?

How old are his?

What’s jobs are he doing?

Does she like her jobs what?

Do you get on well with her?

Why? What’s the matter?

When you speak about what?

What’s your favorite subject?

Are you good at math?

What are you bad at?

What sport do you practice?

What are you generally do at weekend?

Where do you generally go?

What did you receive for you last birthday?

Did you enjoy it? Do you like spending money?

And when you do what are you generally buy?

How do you get a school? How long the bus take from?

Why did you choose your school?

What class she is attending? What branch?

Do you like her?

Do you get on well with you mother?

Which member of the family do you get on well with?

What’s your uncle doing in him life?

To take a walk, to go to a walk

The time= la volta

To be in holiday

I’m not a good achiever= non sono bravo a scuola