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Write a letter - Budai Daniele 1LSAB - DAD. WEEH from 15th to 21st March, 2021
by DBudai - (2021-03-14)
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Hi Daniel how are you? I feel good.
I wanted to tell you about my last Easter holidays.
Last year with my family we bought some Easter eggs, my brother, since he is very greedy, took two chocolate eggs.
As you know there was and still is covid and therefore we could not celebrate Easter with some friends
So my dad bought the meat to grill and we celebrated alone.
I must say that it was really a very large grill in fact I still remember it.
After the grid we played a game of a party game called Monopoly.
And in the evening for dinner we ran out of leftovers from the grill.
How did you spend Easter?
Greetings, your friend Daniele.
Bye bye.