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2LSCA - SCeppellotti - activities from Grammar in Progress at pages 413-419
by SCeppellotti - (2021-04-17)
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PAGES 413- 419

EX 1

1 tell

2 said

3 told

4 telling

5 told

6 say

7 says

8 have just told

EX 2

1 tell

2 said

3 just told

4 said

5 will tell

6 saying

7 tells

8 said

EX 3

1 say

2 said

3 saying

4 told

5 seat belt

6 told

7 clutch

8 steering wheel

9 first gear

10 did he say

11 didn't say

12 told

13 handbrake

14 windscreen

15 said

16 always tells

17 rear view mirror

18 don't tell

19 ring road

20 driving school

EX 15

1 Jill's sister said that Jill had opened her second stop

2 The shop assistant told me that the working system was described in this brochure

3 Laura said that Pete was brushing his dog at that moment

4 The taxi driver told us to go past the hospital and then to turn left

5 Nicole said that she wished her boyfriend had been a bit more romantic

6 Steve told me that when he had been living in Berlin, he usually had dinner at 7 pm

7 Andrew told his friends that he was going to give his parents a big surprise

8 My friends told us that they would have liked to visit us but they hadn't had enough time

EX 16 

1 He said he had been washing his car when he had slipped and bruised his knee

2 The teacher said the students of 4B were very noisy that day

3 Sarah told me she wished Jacopo hadn't moved to Dusseldorf

4 Marco said it was the second time he had visited that museum

5 My friends said they used to go shopping on Fridays when they had been in Seattle

6 My mum said to not touch that hot pan 

7 My brother told me that our dad had cancelled the order 

8 Jacob said that Ludo would be still having a swim at 8 pm

EX 17 

1 My brother left college early

2 We have already met somewhere

3 I have been writing my essay for hours 

4 I will let you know tomorrow

5 Jason often gets home late after school

6 We have been chatting yesterday night

7 We have been at the cinema yesterday evening

8 I'm doing gardening

9 Maggie is going to pass the test

10 I will help you out

11 We will be training at this time

12 Open my bag 

EX 18 

Nelson said that during his lifetime he had dedicated himself to that struggle of the African people. He had fought against white domination and also against black domination. He said he had cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all people lived together in harmony and with equal opportunities. He also said that it was an ideal which he hoped to live for and to achieve but, if needed be, it was an ideal for which he was prepared to die.