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2 LSCA - AStumpo - From Grammar in Progress activities on pp. 413-419-323
by AStumpo - (2021-04-18)
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PAG 413 N 1

1 tell

2 said

3 told

4 telling

5 told

6 says

7 says

8 have just told

PAG 413 N 2

1 tell

2 says

3 I have just told

4 said

5 will tell

6 saying

7 tells

8 said

PAG 413 N 3

1 say

2 said

3 said

4 told

5 seat belt

6 told

7 handbrake

8 steering wheel

9 first gare

10 did he say

11 didn’t say

12 told

13 clutch

14 windscreen

15 says

16 has always told

17 rear view mirror

18 don’t tell

19 ring road

20 driving school

PAG 419 N 15

1 Jill’s sister said she had just opened her second shop.

2 The shop assistant told me the working system was described in the brochure

3 Laura said that Pete was brushing his dog now.

4 The taxi driver told us to go past the hospital and then to turn left.

5 Nicole said she wish her boyfriend was a bit more romantic.

6 Steve told me when he had been living in Berlin, he had used to have dinner at 7 p.m.

7 Andrew told his friends he was going to give his parents a big surprise.

8 My friends told us they would have liked to visit us, but they hadn’t had enough time.

PAG 419 N 16

1 He said he had been washing his car when he had slipped and had bruised his knee.

2 The teacher said the students of 4B was very noise today.

3 I said I wish Jacopo hadn’t moved to Dusseldorf.

4 She said it was the second time she had visited this museum.

5 They said they used to go shopping on Fridays when we had been in Seattle.

6 She said me to not touch this hot pan!

7 My mother said my dad had already cancelled the order.

8 Sara said Ludo would be still having a swim at 8 p.m.!

PAG 419 N 17

1 My brother has left college early.

2 We have met somewhere before.

3 I was writing my essay for hours.

4 I ‘ll let you know the following day.

5 Jason often gets home late after school.

6 We were chatting the night before.

7 we have been at the cinema the previous night.

8 I’m doing the gardening.

9 Maggie is going to pass the test.

10 I’ll help you out.

11 They will be training at that time.

12 Open my bag!

PAG 419 N 18

Nelson Mandela said during his lifetime he had dedicated himself to this struggle of the African people. He had fought against white domination e, and he had fought against black domination. I had cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It was an ideal which I hoped to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it was and ideal for which I was prepared to die.

PAG 419 N 19

Arnold Bennet told about James Joyce. He said James Joyce had both invented a new method and enlarged the field of phychology. Bennet also said Joyce was a genuine innovator and the influence of Ulysses had already been, and doubtless would in the future be, considerable. Finally he said James lacked discipline and decency and I called him the noble savage of the novel.

 PAG 322 N 32

1 will go

2 had

3 breaks

4 had seen

5 wouldn’t have opened

6 get

7 as long as that

8 would leave

PAG 323 N 33

1 Correct

2 correct

3 I won’t sleep well

4 if you had thanked

5 correct

6 correct

PAG 323 N 34

1 cure

2 happened

3 would give

4 is

5 had

6 had promised

7 would pay

8 had recovered

9 wouldn’t have given

10 was

11 don’t see

12 play

PAG 323 N 35

1 were careful – make

2 had slept – would have felt

3 leave – don’t be late

4 had been les boring – would have gone

5 spend – will relax

6 read – would understand

PAG 323 N 36

1 I have lunch in the restaurant only on Wednesdays. If I don't go there this Wednesday, I will go there next week.

2 If Oliver ate more fruit, his skin would be better.

3 If we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes, we would have thought it was a joke.

4 It would be nice if we all went to London together when school ends.

5 Even if they had invited me, I wouldn't have gone to their wedding. I hate all ceremonies.

6 Suppose your child wanted to attend the Military Academy, what would you think?

7 I will go shopping with you, as long as you don't take two hours to choose a hat!

8 If Gabriel should call me, don't answer. His phone calls have gotten long and heavy in the last few days.