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2LSCA - SCeppellotti - activities from Grammar in Progress at page 323
by SCeppellotti - (2021-04-22)
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PAGE 323

EX 32

1 will go

2 had

3 breaks

4 had seen

5 wouldn't have opened 

6 get

7 as long as that

8 would leave

EX 33

1 Unless Noah comes here, ....

2 correct

3 correct

4 ...., if you had thanked me for what I had done for you

5 ..., you'll feel better

6 correct

EX 34

1 cure

2 would have happened

3 wouldn't give

4 is

5 had

6 promised 

7 would pay

8 had recovered

9 wouldn't have given

10 were

11 don't see

12 play

EX 35

1 If you were careful, you wouldn't make any mistakes 

2 If Cindy had slept more, she would have felt much better

3 If they leave earlier in the morning, they aren't late for school

4 If Dave had been less boring, I would have gone out with him

5 If we spend some days in a beauty farm, we will relax

6 If you read the newspaper, you would understand better what's happening in the world.

EX 36 

1 I have lunch at the restaurant only on Wednesdays. If I don't go this Wednesday, I will go the next week.

2 If Oliver ate more fruit, his skin would be better.

3 If we hadn't seen him just with our eyes, we would have thought it was a joke!

4 It will be wonderful if we go to London when the school ends.

5 Even if they had invited me, I wouldn't have gone to their wedding. I hate ceremonies!

6 Supposing your son wanted to attend the military Academy, what would you think?

7 I will go shopping with you, on condition that you don't take 2 hours to choose a hat!

8 If Gabriel calls me, I will not answer. His calls became long and hard in the past days!