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2LSCA - SCeppellotti - summary of the fifth episode of 'The general's lady'
by SCeppellotti - (2021-04-22)
Up to  2LSAC. DDI. WEEK 19th to 25th April, 2021. Grammar Revision - Telling and summarisingUp to task document list

Shen Jin had fallen asleep while waiting for General Chu. He left Shen Jin’s pendant and the divorce letter next to her. When she awakened, she was disappointed and refused to divorce. General Chu insisted that he wanted to focus on his career and had no time for a relationship. Shen Jin didn't believe that he had no feelings for her. General Chu left his mansion to go to his barracks. 

The court artist was bribed by Lord Liu to tell the Emperor that General Chu had scouts in the royal court. The Emperor ordered deliveries to be stopped from going to the general’s mansion. A man was looking for Lord Jin. 

Shen Jin signed up as a recruit to get into General Chu’s barracks. Bai Zi Tou helped her during training by making things easy for her. General Chu was also worried that she may has be hurt while training with dangerous weapons. He picked her out to practice with him personally. Xiu Yuan also told Shen Jin that General Chu was worried about her safety but she assured him that she knew what she was doing.

Shen Jin’s presence at the camp caused inconvenience when it came to bathing and sleeping arrangements. But she refused General Chu’s request to share his tent since he had divorced her. He promised to let her have anything she wished as long as she didn't mess around. So, she asked for wine which is forbidden in the camp. He brought her out to the woods and she drank until she was drunk. Then, she began to cry that he didn't care about her.

Shen Jin run off to the lake and started removing her clothes to take a bath. General Chu didn't dare to look at her. She then fell into the water.