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AVicenzin - WEEK XX fifth episode's summary of General's lady
by AVicenzin - (2021-04-25)
Up to  2LSAC. DDI. WEEK 19th to 25th April, 2021. Grammar Revision - Telling and summarisingUp to task document list




The fifth episode of “General’s lady” begins in the night in the General’s mansion, when he left the divorce letter and the jade pendant nearby Jiner, who had fallen asleep waiting for him in his bedroom. The following day, the lady woke up and, after reading the letter, she went to him pretending an explanation about it. He told her that she had misunderstood him and he had his military responsibilities and not time for love: moreover, from that moment he would have been all the time at the camp. She found that those were only excuses and she didn’t understand his behavior, since she was convinced he liked her.

As he had said, the General Demon went to the camp, but soon Jiner reached him as a recruit, with the intention to change his mind. At first, he didn’t want to allow the lady to stay there, but with cunning she managed to stay there by manipulating his own words. The life at the camp is not easy and the General proved to be very worried about her, but thanks to the helps of Panther-head and the General’s Lieutenant, Jiner managed to do the training. However, despite the General’s offers, the lady insisted on have bath and sleep like the others, so, after two days, he asked her to stop joking and he promised that he would have given her whatever she wanted if she had done as he said. The lady accepted and asked the General some wine, despite it was forbidden there.

In the following scene, the General and Jiner were away from the camp, walking in a swamp. Jiner, drunk, started complaining about him because of his arrogance and coldness, she said she had protected the mansion and come to the camp for him, but he divorced her and drove her away. The General seemed thoughtful about her words. The lady walked away, leaving him, and reached a lake. Happy to finally be able to bathe, she began undress. The General reached her worried about the depth of the water, but he didn’t dare to look at her. The episode ends when Jiner fell into the water.