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2^LSCA - CAprea - summary of episode 5
by CAprea - (2021-04-25)
Up to  2LSAC. DDI. WEEK 19th to 25th April, 2021. Grammar Revision - Telling and summarisingUp to task document list

Jin fall asleep and the General left her pendant and the divorce letter next to her in the bed. The next morning, when she saw the letter she refused to divorce. The general said that he wanted to focus on his career and he hadn’t time for a relationship, but Jin couldn’t believe it. Jin wanted to wait for the general at home to find out the reason for the divorce but later decided to go to the camp. Shen Jin signed up as a recruit to get into General’s barracks. During tests a man helped her by making the challenges much easier for her. But the General was worried that she may be hurted and he picked her out to practice with him personally. The general treated her badly, in fact he threw her food on the ground but he asked her if she would like to have a shower in his tent but she refused. He offered her to sleep in his tent but she refused again because she wanted to be treated like the other soldiers. The General, to protect her, forced her to stay in his tent and in return promised to give her everything she wanted.  So, she asked for wine which is forbidden in the camp and then she became drunk. After, she begun to cry that he doesn’t care about her. Jin saw a lake and decided to take a bath but unfortunately fell down.