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2LSCA - IBudai - General's Lady - Episode 5 - Summary
by IBudai - (2021-04-25)
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Shen Jin, waiting for General Chu, fell asleep and after tucking her in, he left her a divorce certificate along with her jade pendant. When she woke up, she read the letter and instantly went looking for the General. After a short but deep talk between the two, he admitted he wanted to focus on his career and didn't have time for a romantic relationship; General Chu then left for his camp.
We found out that the court artist has been bribed to tell the Emperor that the General has spies in the royal court, which isn't true. The Emperor then ordered to stop the delieveries to the General's mansion, where a young man was looking for Lord Jin.
Shen Jin signed up as a recruit so that she could stay close to General Chu, who showed some caring and affection even if she wasn't her wife anymore. Xiu Yuan and Panther-head helped her to not get hurt by making the tests easier for her. It is clear, though, that General Chu was the one who told them to help her out, since he also picked her weapon, a stray broom, and her enemy, a mannequin. Xiu Yuan also told Shen Jin that General Chu is worried about her safety, but she let him know that she knew what she was doing and that everything was under control, so they didn't have to care about her so much.
Jin’s presence at the camp caused major inconveniences, expecially when it comes to bathing and sleeping arrangements. Even so, she refused General Chu’s request to share his tent since he was the one who divorced her in the first place. Although, as soon as he promised to let her have anything she wishes as long as she doesn’t mess around, she seized the opportunity and asked him for some wine, which was forbidden in the camp. He brought her out to the woods so that he wouldn't get in trouble as much and she drank until she was drunk. Afterwards, she began to whine about how he didn't care about her in the slightest and things like that.
Shen Jin then notices a lake and, remembering she still didn't have a chance to take a bath yet, she ran off to the lake and started taking off her clothes. General Chu refused to look at her, and when he wasn't looking, she fell into the water.