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2LSCA-NSquarzolo- summary of episode 5 of " General's lady"
by NSquarzolo - (2021-04-25)
Up to  2LSAC. DDI. WEEK 19th to 25th April, 2021. Grammar Revision - Telling and summarisingUp to task document list

in the first scene we see the general entering his bedroom which Jiner had had to decorate, but while she was waiting for him she fell asleep and he seemed sorry. then he put her to bed and left her the jade and a note with the written request for divorce by the pillow.
the next day she wakes up and goes to ask the general for an explanation, he tells her that he has too many things to worry about and that she has to go, then he goes to the training camp for the new recruits. then Jiner decided to dress like those soldiers, perhaps to receive attention from the general in fact he does nothing but protect her.
then the scene moves to the emperor's palace where the emperor is talking to the painter about the gossip about the marriage of Jiner and the general, also a man in the city is looking for Lord Jin (Jiner). the general orders soldiers to always monitor and protect Jiner because there seems to be a danger. Jiner continues to tease the general and, again he gets what he wants in fact she tells the general that if he brought her some wine she would listen to him, but it was just an excuse to be alone with him and make him understand that it is a mistake to get a divorce , but at one point she is drunk and the episode ends when Jiner falls into a river.