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2LSCA - Delcuratolo - Summary of episode 5
by SDelcuratolo - (2021-04-25)
Up to  2LSAC. DDI. WEEK 19th to 25th April, 2021. Grammar Revision - Telling and summarisingUp to task document list

Deadline Thursday April 22nd, 2021

Summary of episode 5

At the beginning of the episode Shen Jin finds a devorce letter next to her pillow. She hastly runs against the General pretending some explanations. She stops him in front of the gate of the mansion since he was going to leave for the training site. Suddenly the discussion starts. She’s truly angry and yells at him asking about the devorce letter. He ends the duscussion saying he devorced her and she has to leave. She dosen’t give up and follows him to the training site. In the firts day of training she pretends to be a soldier and dress up like one to take part at the training. After that the general and his two cadets facilitate Shen Jin’ s stay and trainings to make her stay in the training camp so he can see her every time. They have indeed noticed that the General’s worying a lot about her. He imposes her to sleep and shower to his tend and she accept only at one condition: she’ll have some alcohol. He accepts. They have a walk in a camp nearthere while Shen Jin is drunk. She starts crying and complaining about the general’s attitude those days. She outmarch the general and finds a lake. She decides to take a shower and she runs in the water. The generals enters aswell but he imediately turns back because Shen Jin’s shirt is wet and he can see her chest/underwear.