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1LSAB - GPinat - DAD. WEEK from 15th to 21st March, 2021
by GPinat - (2021-04-27)
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Focus Now: pages 187, 80, 81


Ex 1 page 187

  1. Which of these two activities do you like best?

    E I prefer the first. I prefer walking with friends to sitting alone with a computer game.

  2. What’s your favourite free-time activity?

    I love swimming. I go swimming three times a week.

  3. Do you like playing computer games?

    No, I don’t. I like looking at YouTube videos but I don’t play games on the computer.


Ex 2 page 187

Greg: Do you like films?

Anne: Yes, I do.

Greg: When do you usually go to the cinema?

Anne: I always go on Saturdays afternoon.

Greg: What kind of films do you like?

Anne: I like comedies.

Greg: Who’s your favourite actor?

Anne: I love Ben Stiller. He’s brilliant.

Greg: What’s your favourite film?

Anne:The one I like best is called The Royal Tenenbaums. I think it’s awesome. My friends don’t agree.

Greg: What do think of fantasy films?

Anne: I don’t like them very much. I can’t stand the Twilight Saga films and I don’t really like Harry Potter.

Greg: What about The Lord of the Rings?

Anne: I don’t know it. My friend’s got it on DVD but I always choose something else to watch. What about you?

Greg: Oh, I love fantasy films. My favourite is The Hobbit.


Ex 3 page 187

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the email. It’s good to make new friends.

What do you do in your free-time? Do you like going out? I really like going to concerts. I love music and I listen to new bands a lot. My favourite children is Oliver Sykes from the band Bring Me The Horizon. He’s amazing. Who is your favourite singer? What kind of music do you like? What do you think of metal? I love it. What about you? I don’t like pop music very much. I can’t stand singers like Justin Bieber and Myley Cyrus. I think they’re terrible… well, I hope they aren’t your favourites!

Sometimes my friends and I go to a disco. Discos are OK but I prefer concerts.

Write soon and tell me about your likes and dislikes.



Ex 4 page 187

Dave: Do you like sports?

Amelia: Well, I like some.

Dave: What kind of sports do you like?

Amelia: I like sports that I can do alone. I like walking and running. I like swimming a lot too. I don’t like football very much and I hate Formula 1 – it’s awful.

Dave: Who’s your favourite sports person?

Amelia: I don’t know. I guess I like Andy Murray. He’s awesome.

Dave: What do you think about Cristiano Ronaldo?

Amelia: I can’t stand him. He’s terrible. I don’t like footballers with all their tattoos.

Dave: He doesn’t have any tattoos.

Amelia: Well, that’s good but I prefer people who love their sport but don’t do it for the money. People like Alex Honnold. He’s a climber. He’s brilliant and a nice person too, I think.


Ex 1 page 80

  1. How many students are there?

    There are about 1400 students.

  2. What subjects can students study?

    They can study Italian, Maths, English, Science, Physics, Physical Education, Civic Education, Computer Science, Geography-History, Epic and Religion, Latin and others.

  3. What activities can students do?

    They study and do homework.

  4. Are there any compulsory (something that you have to do) activities?

    They have to do homework.

  5. Do students take part in any volunteer programmes?

    I don’t know.


Ex 2 page 80

The article is about a school on a sailing ship.


Ex 3 page 80

  1. the courses: C

  2. the students: B

  3. the school on the ship: A

  4. activities on the boat: D

  5. volunteer projects: F

  6. activities in the ports the students visit: E


Ex 4 page 80

  1. Students must know how to sail before they join the ship: F

  2. Students come from different parts of the world: T

  3. All the students do the same course: F

  4. Students don’t have to speak English well: F

  5. Besides studying, students also have to do jobs on the ship: T

  6. Students can’t meet their parents: F

  7. Students don’t usually meet any local people when they stop in ports: F


Ex 5 page 80

In my school there are about 1400 students. Class Afloat has up to sixty students.

We can study Italian, Maths, English, Science, Physics, Physical Education, Civic Education, Computer Science, Geography-History, Epic and Religion, Latin and others. Class Afloat can studies for examples Marine Biology, History and Geography.

We study and do homework. In Class Afloat students have to study, can rest, read or watch a film; and in the evening they can relax with friends, have club meetings and karaoke at night.

We have to do homework. Class Afloat must cleans, cooks and sails the ship.

In my school I don’t know if there are some volunteer activities. In Class Afloat there are two volunteer activities in Senegal and Dominican Republic.


Ex 6 page 81

  1. My teacher says I have to work harder to improve my marks in the next test.

  2. Everyone in the school has to participate in the end-of-year sports competitions.

  3. My bed at home is very comfortable.

  4. I am designing an invitation for my birthday party.

  5. My new dress fits me exactly.

  6. My gym is not very well-equipped, but we have a really good running machine.

  7. My father and uncle always talk about business matters when they are together.


Ex 7 page 81

  1. In your opinion, what are the good and bad things about Class Afloat?

    Class Afloat has got few courses, but it’s great because you can know people of different nationality.

  2. Would you like to study in Class Afloat? Why/Why not?

    No, I wouldn’t because there isn’t the courses I want.


Ex 8 page 81

  1. camping trip

  2. home stays

  3. museum tours

  4. free time

  5. cultural events

  6. water sports


Ex 9 page 81

  1. When my dad was younger, he loves going on camping trips.

  2. I love home staying.

  3. When I was younger than now, I went to different museum tours.

  4. In my free time I play the guitar or the piano.

  5. I never go to cultural events.

  6. Swimming is a water sports.


Focus Now: pages 242, 246


Ex 1 page 242

  1. Liam: Where were you this morning?

    Stella: I was at the gym. I go every Saturday.

  2. James: Was the football match exiting?

    David: No, it wasn’t. Their players were much better than our players.

  3. Sue: Were your parents worried about you going skiing?

    Alice: Yes, they were. It was strange. My dad was more worried than my mum.


Ex 2 page 242

On Saturday, I was bored. I phoned my friend. We chatted for a while and then we agreed to meet her house. We planned to play tennis but it started to rain so we decided to watch a DVD. Jackie’s little sister was there. She would to play with us but we said “no”. She cried and Jackie’s mum asked us to look after her. So, we all watched a film that Jackie’s sister liked. It was terrible!


Ex 3 page 242


I first became interested in skateboarding at the age of eight. Then, when I was about ten or eleven, a new skatepark opened in our town. I went every day and got better and better. Last year, there was a competition and I won the under-18 skateboarding prize. I was really happy. A few months ago, I heard about a summer skateboarding camp. It starts today, I packed my clothes yet and sent messages to my friends. I went to bed late last night but it’s 6 a.m. now and I’m eating breakfast. The coach for the camp leaves at 11 o’clock but I can’t sleep.


Ex 4 page 242

Hi Chris,

How are you? We had a sports day at our school yesterday. It was quite good. I played table tennis and did some kung fu. Then I had a rest and watched the running competition. After that, some friends and I stayed at school and helped to clear up. The teachers gave us some cans of drink so we took them to the park and drank them there. I went home quite early because I had a lot of work to do last night. We had a Maths test today and we’ve got exams all this week. I must do some more work. Hope all is well.



Ex 5 page 242

  1. At the age of twelve I started doing yoga.

  2. When I was in high school we meet Phil.

  3. Last night my sister listened to her new CD ten times.

  4. At the age of twenty my brother got his first job.

  5. Two month ago I bought this laptop.

  6. I started watching the match but it was boring.


Ex 6 page 242

Tim: Is this a good film?

Jan: Oh, it’s lovely. I cried when I saw it.

Tim: Why? Is it sad?

Jan: Very. I saw it last weekend. I went to the cinema with Amelia. She hated it. She wanted to leave before the end.

Tim: I can believe that. I remember when I was at her house a few weeks ago. We decided to watch a DVD. When I looked at her collection of films, they were all things most people like at the age of twelve! In the end, we watched The Lion King!


Ex 1 page 246

Ben: What time do you get up?

Marie: I get up at seven o’clock.

  1. Jake: Do your mum take you to school?

    Josie: No, she doesn’t. She leaves home before me.

  2. Nigel: Do you often feel tired?

    Beth: Yes, I do. All the time.

  3. Cleo: How often do your boyfriend buys you flowers?

    Jess: Never. He doesn’t but me anything!

  4. Oliver: Do the teachers at your school wear ties?

    Jean: No, they don’t but they look quite smart.


Ex 2 page 246

Mum: Hi, Alex, I’m home. Did you see my notes?

Alex: Er… yes.

Mum: Did you do anything?

Alex: Er… not quite.

Mum: So, what did you do?

Alex: Well, I didn’t do the shopping. I didn’t know what to buy. And I didn’t finish my homework but there isn’t much to do.

Mum: Did you tidy your room?

Alex: Well, no. I didn’t tidy my room and I didn’t learn any French.

Mum: What about your English book?

Alex: Oh yes. I read some of that.

Mum: How much?

Alex: Well, I read much. About half a page. It was really boring and I wanted to write to Aunt Louisa.

Mum: That’s good. I’ve got a stamp here. You can go and post the letter.

Alex: Well, I wanted to write it but I didn’t know it. Not all of this. It’s not my fault. Jason came round and he stayed all day.


Ex 3 page 246

Fiona: So, how was the match? Did you win?

Royce: No, we didn’t win but we didn’t lose. It was 2-2.

Fiona: Did Aggie come and see you play?

Royce: Yes, but she didn’t stay until the end. I scored a goal but she didn’t see it.

Fiona: Did you phone her and tell her?

Royce: It was the first thing I did when the match finished.

Fiona: What did she say?

Royce: Not much. She didn’t sound very exited!

Fiona: Oh well, never mind. You weren’t very exited when she was in the school tennis tournament.

Royce: I remember that. I didn’t go. I went to the cinema with Max. She didn’t speak to me for three days!


Ex 4 page 246

Brian: We went on a sports camp last month. It was great.

Harry: What activities did you do?

Brian: We played volleyball, basketball and went sailing.

Harry: Did you have a good time?

Brian: Yes, but I didn’t want to come home.

Harry: Where did you stay?

Brian: We stayed in a hostel. I didn’t have my own room. There were five of us together.

Harry: Did you know any other people?

Brian: No, I didn’t. Not at first. But I didn’t have any problems. I soon made lots of friends.

Harry: What did you do in the evenings?

Brian: There were parties and discos. I didn’t go out. I didn’t have any money.


Ex 5 page 246

Hi Cooleen,

I’m sorry, I didn’t phone you last night, I was very tired. I didn’t do anything. Did you have a nice time with Jerry? What did you do? Where did you go? Did I tell you about the kayaking trip? Mrs Bryce told us about it on Friday when you were at home, sick. We didn’t get any information about how much it costs or when we have to be at school. I don’t think Mrs Bryce knows yet but I’m really exited about it.

See you tomorrow.