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1LSAB - MDITOMASO- DAD. WEEK 25th to 31st January
by TDiTomaso - (2021-04-28)
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Focus now


Ex: 5 pag: 55


1)      T


2)      F


3)      T


4)      F


5)      T


6)      T


Ex:6 pag: 55


1)      Compared the early 2000s, the presence of foreign -born workers is on the2) share in low-skilled sectors and occupations. 3)As shown in the table, there are now five low-skilled occupations on the list of jobs for foreign-born workers. 43.3% of workers in elementary process plant occupations, 38.6% in cleaning and housekeeping managers and supervisions, and 31.6% of workers in food preparation and hospitality, trades (i.e. butchers, bakers, fishmongers, chefs, cooks, and bar managers) are foreign-born. 4)The rise of migrant labour 5) is increasing especially among process operators (e.g. food, drink and tobacco process operators, plastics process operators, chemical process operators).




Ex: 1 pag: 56


1)      Head    2) forehead  3) hair  4)  ear    5) mouth  6) eyebrow  7) eyelashes  8) eye  9) nose  10) lip


11) neck




Ex: 2 pag: 56


I’ve got brown hair and big brown eyes. My ears are small and my nose too. My eyelashes are long and I’ve got  a spacious forehead . I’ve got a quite big mouth with full lips.