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    4LSUB - DDI. WEEK from 24th to 29th May, 2021

    Deadline Monday May 24 th, 2021
    LESSON. Class test correction

    - After carrying out the activities on p. 253 write the textual analysis of the extract on pp. 251- 252 (from It's Literature) 
    - Study pp. (from It's Literature)

    Deadline Tuesday May 25th, 2021
    VIDEO LESSON.  SAMUEL RICHARDSON. From It's Literature pp. 251-252

    - Write the textual analysis of letter XI from Pamela

    Deadline Friday May 27th 2021
    VIDEO LESSON. LAWRENCE STERN From It's Literature pp. 255
    Textual analkysis p.256

    From It's Literature 
    - Study pp 254-255

    - Carry out the activities on pp. 256-257

    N. B. - All activities must be uploaded to the present folder

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