The present section is a learning dedicated area.

It is meant to provide learners with the opportunity to get familiarity with blended study options.  

It is arranged into different sections: one for each single CEFR level.

Students will be provided occasions to practice analytical and cognitive skills so that they may gradually improve personal awareness of the meta-cognitive process underlying suitable writing skills and production.

Careful attention will be given to monitoring their learning process without neglecting the significance of acceptable language and communicative performances.

They will provide sample and practice material and feedback about the learning process as well as reinforcement and motivation towards study and practice.

Also they will experience the inter-subjective nature of the learning and teaching process.

Cooperative work promotion will be always encouraged to support future team work and negotiation practice representing urgent contemporary social and interpersonal skills.

The teacher will provide resources and model texts to supply students both with possible examples of the tasks assigned and instances of perspective analytical and critical learning paths.

Tasks assigned will of course vary according to the form students belong to and depending on content analyzed and kind of learning required.