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The area provides a list of the certifications and experiences gained along the years of my profession. To make consultation easier they have been organized into different sections.
The page provides a list of the most important certifications acquired and connected to the main areas of professional committment.
Since this section belongs to the larger area certifications, it only provides the titles and the contexts of the scholarships. For detailed information, please refer to the category portfolio inside which a full area is dedicated to the discussion of the quality of the scholarships.
This sections includes articles published on reviews, internet sites and universities products.
The following pages will provide a list of some of the most relevant professional experiences gained in the years dating from 1999 to the present day. Owing to space reasons, they will be illustrated and discussed more exhaustively, together with the previous ones, in the different areas of the category portfolio.
The pages will simply provide a list of the training sessions attended. They are therefore meant only to offer an overall view of the input received along the years. For further discussion of its value, quality and implications, please refer to the category portfolio which provides a whole area discussing the effects of the training paths chosen and problematizing their change in time.
In this area only short information concerning the certifications obtained are given. No further reference to language competences and how they were gained is provided. A Language Portfolio will be entered the site in a future time.