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WELCOME to the updated version of the homepage.
The homepage updated version does no longer integrate an audiofile, the idea being that the ultimate aim of the site is the learning process and therefore anything that might impair concentration was removed. However access to the old home page is still possible.

Born in 2005 and initially conceived of as a repository for professional portfolio, it later implemented further options including process and product documentation on professional experiences and related reflection.

The portfolio section shows different categories that can be accessed from the menu on the left hand column, the navigation of which is made easiery by submenus. University training module sessions and community were entered, too. Last but not least, the site also hosted a database for Secondary School work which can now be accessed in the 2005-06 and 2006-2007 versions. The latter is still in progress. Schoolwork is the section of ordinary school work arranged according to different classes.

Still under construction, on the right side of the horizontal bar, you can find two additional categories that hopefully will be implemented in the very near future. Sharing is a section initially meant to enter comments, suggested readings and the like and conceived of to share appealing, intelligent and pleasant art objects. Finally Media is the last section expected to contain media objects, texts, files in different formats and related reviews or any other kind of contribution that might be of some interest in the wider context of culture and reflection on culture and interculture implementation.

Feedback and suggestion are certainly welcome at mb@marilenabeltramini.it.

Hopefully may the present brief information support effective navigation. :-) :-)