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March 13, 2007
ICT in school practices

Using ICT tools may be a challange to enhance motivation. What is your experience like - both as a student and as a teacher? .


L'uso delle TIC può essere una sfida per sostenere la motivazione. Esprimi le tue considerazioni a partire dalle tue esperienze  come insegnante e come studente.  ..


   Have a look

   The World Today

   What is a blog? Why Shoul I Try One?

   Weblogs (Italian)

   Blog (French)


   Webquest 1  Webquest 2   Webquest3


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March 5, 2007
Religion and Controversies



During the Renaissance and after Europe and  England recorded religious events and controversies that seriously affected the evolution of their history.

Religion is a serious matter even in today's global village.

Say how studying about the past may help you understand the present.


A resource that will certainly help you 

February 20, 2007
Peace. A Global Responsibility

Here you've been given the occasion to express your personal opinions on Peace. Come on. You can post comments, links, paste pictures or audio files that you consider relevant to share reflection on peace.



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schools and peace


February 20, 2007
What is it like to study The Lisbon Strategy?

How do you feel? Isn't it like feeling already part of the future?
Give suggestions and make proposals for the improvement of foreign language study. Any idea will be welcome provided it is practical.
Relevant years




October 19, 2006

Macbeth's nature

Once you've read Macbeth's letter to Lady Macbeth, express you opinion about Macbeth's personality. What does the letter tell you about the protagonist of the play?

Read the link provides you with historical info about the play.

ACTIVITIES: choose two activities to carry out they will haelp you for the next classtest

Surf the link and carry on the activity in a comment to the present post.


September 27, 2006
Responding to Macbeth

Learn about Macbeth


I am just over with Macbeth: the tragic hero.


What makes him a hero?


Express your comment. Either use key words or any other short text that may convey your idea.

September 27, 2006
Discover Macbeth's inner reality through music

Listen to the witches' message to Macbeth


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