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FComelli - Immagine
[author: Francesca Comelli - postdate: 2007-06-03]

Just considering the title I may expect the poem is about an image that is in the poet’s mind. Such expectation is created by the word “Immagine” that is the title and I think that the word reminds a particular emotion.
From the lay out you can understand that it is a modern poem, it’s written in free verse and it looks like a song.
In the first stanzas the poet describes a person entering her house. The poet seems an external narrator that watches the scene in a passive way but that is not true. I think so because she says “Entri nella mia casa”. This person, maybe a man, enters her house; I think her house is a metaphor for her life. When she says “facendoti spazio tra libri e cartelle” I think she means that this person was a part of her life and he tried to enter her heart.
The second stanza describes the person and the poet says that such person was silent and shy. I think that he is reserved and shy. But she says that he was “ sicuro nelle procedure” that makes me think the man is shy but very careful in his work.
In my opinion the poet wants to communicate that he is a false person because he hides his insecure and fragile side under a sure, concentrated, composed, hard and determined behaviour.
The poet writes that he is “Distante” maybe because he doesn’t want to have a serious relationship. Later on she says that he is “forse prezioso” maybe because he is a person that is special and he is the only one. after that the poet writes “poi, quasi per caso, un fastidio-…e l’immagine si rovescia – ombre e contorni nuovi si rivelano”, maybe she says this because something has happened which she can’t understand.
The poet says “ sfumature di rosso – rosso rabbia” I think she says that she is angry with him and probably he went away from her.
I think the poet doesn’t want to believe and accept what has happened and she asks to herself if it is possible “ ma sarà vero?”, she doesn’t want to realize that all that happened was only an illusion. I think “Il tempo, lo spazio” were relative for the poet and there is only “il fuoco che brucia” only tha passion.
The poet says that the notes of an Irish violin make him remind “sento – ascoltanto le note di un violino irlandese” and she says that some words were not said “lontane e vicine parole non dette imprecate sicuramente eloquenti”. Maybe the poet had some repentances because she says “ per parole non dette” maybe there words can changed some events. But only the song can tell us what happened, the Irish song in which the poets finds shelter “ E allora riparo nello spazio accogliente inclusivo dei versi che solo sanno abbracciare e stare in ascolto…”