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SPittis - New poems for analysis - Steve Jobs
by SPittis - (2011-11-08)
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Steve Jobs

One day Steve Jobs was at the University in Stanford. There were some commencements and he was honored to be there. He has not a commencement and he explained that he had started a University as expansive as the Stanford one, but he leave it because that was not what he wanted to do. He told three stories of his life: one about connecting the dots, the second about love and loss, last about the death.

In the first story he explained his life from his birth day to his life at university. He described when he was put up for adoption. He changes two families because the first one wanted a girl, not a boy. Then he stayed with last family and at 17 years he went to the university. Then he leave because his dreams were not those! And he attended an handwriting course.

The second story was about his love for his computer company Apple. He started in his garage with a friend and then the company began very important. He was dismissed from his firm after a dispute. He cannot believe to be dismissed from the personal company, it was so strange! Then Apple directors bought other Steve's companies, so he went back in Apple. He was very happy because he loved that job. At the same time he got married with Laurene.

The death! This was last argument. In this part of the speech he told about his cancer. In the 2004 he was diagnosed and the doctors told that was incurable. He had only 5 or 6 months for living. He thought what to tell to his sons. Then they founded that they could operate on his pancreas and then he felt better.

Last but not least he gave all the students a message :" STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH!".