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SRijavec - New poems for analysis. Steve Jobs
by SRijavec - (2011-11-09)
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Steve Jobs’ address at Stanford University


In 2005, Steve Jobs gave and address at Stanford University. He told the students three short stories.


The first one was about “connecting the dots”. It was a very short summary of the most important choices in his school life. He told them the problems about his adoption and he said he had never finished the university, but he only attended the classes he was interested in.


The second story was about some of the most important periods and events of his life, like the foundation and the development of Apple, Pixar and NeXT, and his wife and his family.


The last story was the most meaningful, it was about death. Steve Jobs explained some events that bring him next to death. He drew personal conclusions on death and suggested the students not to waste their time and to do and believe in what they want.

He ended quoting four words from “the whole earth catalog”: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish”.