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MBurba - Homework 23.1.2018
by MBurba - (2018-01-23)
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Es 1 page 237


1)          It’s Toby and Kate’s house

2)         They are Jess’ keys

3)         No. It’s my parents’ car

4)         It’s Mr James classroom

5)         No. They are Jimmy and Chris’ bags

6)         It’s my boss’ office

7)         No. It’s my brother’s room

8)         No. It’s my brothers’ room


Es 2 page 237


1)         Good luck in your Friday’s exam

2)         I live at the end of this road

3)         Did you read the film review in the yesterday’s newspaper?

4)         My classroom is on the third floor of this building

5)         I need a month’s holiday

6)         The caf is on the third floor of the building

7)         What’s the title of the film we saw last week?

8)         Have you got the address of the boy we met at the party?

9)         Are you going at Paula and Chris’ party?

10)   The gig is at the beginning’s of July

11)   Alrx is one of David friends

12)   A friend of Susy told me


Es 3 page 237


1)         The baker’s

2)         The doctor’s

3)         The chemist’s

4)         The florist’s

5)         The hairdresser’s

6)         The newsagent’s