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JEOnwuelo - The Celts
by JEOnwuelo - (2018-01-24)
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The Celtic

The Celts arrived in  Britain from Germany. They left us their languages: Walesh inn Wales and Gaelic in Scotland. They were strong and tall, had fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair. They were farmers, hunters and fishers. They bartered iron, tin, clothes and pottery between tribes. Their leaders were warrior who fought from chariots like Boudicca that fought the Romans to avenge her husband’ death.
Celts’ priests were the “druids”. They were important for more things : religion, justice, education and medicine. Celts’ ceremonies are held in the forest, not in the temples. Even today the mistletoe is considered special and used for decorate huoses at Christmas.
The Celts worshipperd the natural elements like the sun, the rivers, the trees and the water. They believed in immortality and believed that the life after death was spent on the Earth in the natural elements, so, this idea give something of magic to the nature.
The Celts made a sacrifice for to ask at gods some propitiation, more important was the object of sacrifice, more powerful the act of propitiation. They made a human sacrifice only at times of very need but they often sacrificed a domestic animals. Rome took Britain for the agricultural and commercial prosperity.