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JSchiff _ Homework for the 26th January 2018.
by JSchiff - (2018-01-25)
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Subject: Invitation.

Dear Miss Beltramini,

How are you? I hope fine. I would like to invite to our party, it’s a “bring-your-own” party, so everyone will take some food some drinks from home. You can buy something at the supermarket or you can also make some food at your home, if you know a good recipe.

The party is tomorrow, from the 9:20 to the 10:20, in the 1ALS’ form , at the Cervignano’s Liceo Scientifico A. Einstein.

Would you like to come? What will you bring? Could you e-mail or text me back to let me know?

Thanks a lot,

Joele Schiff.