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MBurba - Homework 26.1.2018
by MBurba - (2018-01-26)
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MISS BELTRAMINI: Hello everybody. Are you ready for the party? I brought some pizza with different tastes: there is ham and sausages pizza, blue cheese pizza, margherita, pepper pizza, mushroom pizza and chips pizza.

CLASS: Hello Miss Beltramini

MISS BELTRAMINI:  Now join the tables in the middle of the classroom to make a big table and put the chairs around it. So I want to now what did you bring?

JOELE: I brought five packets of crisps

MISS BELTRAMINI: Fantastic! And what about  the others?

ADELE: I brought some pizza with olive and onions

LUCIA: I brought a packet of crisps with cheese

MARGHERITA: I brought  some sandwiches with ham and mayonaise/mayonnaise

ALICE: I brought some taralli

MICOL: I brought some bread and salami

MISS BELTRAMINI: Salami is my favourite food. I love it

ERMA: I brought some snacks and chips

SAMANTHA: I brought some snacks with wurstel

CARLOTTA: I brought a salted cake

MISS BELTRAMINI: Did you make it yourself?

CARLOTTA: Yes, I did and my father helped me


GIADA: I brought some sandwiches with ham and Philadelphia cheese

MISS BELTRAMINI: So we are/have loads of food. Who brought some drinks?

GINEVRA: I did. I brought a bottle of cola ,a bottle of orange juice and some bottle of water

MISS BELTRAMINI: So we have more food than drinks. Who brought plastic glasses?

ENRICO: I did!

MISS BELTRAMINI: Good. The party can starts!/start!

LUCIA: I love this salted cake

MISS BELTRAMINI: Me too/So do I. It tastes delicious

SILVIA: I think this pizza is amazing

MICOL: Yes I love it


We ate the food all togheter and we got/had fun. At the end we had to clean all the leftovers. We put them into a plastic bag. There were a lot of food so we put it in a bag for our next school breaks.

At the end of the lesson we wrote a summary of our party.

It was an unsual lesson: a delicious one

LETIZIA: I think this lesson was fantastic! What do you think?

THE OTHER CLASSMATES: We think it too!/So do we