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NWagner - homework
by NWagner - (2018-01-28)
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Ex. 1 page. 6

  1. The Romans invaded Britain in 55 BC.
  2. No, they didn’t. they conquered only a part of the island.
  3. They brought with them their administration, their town structure and they roads.


Ex, 3 page. 6

  1. They involved in  the administration the conquered tribes.
  2. They encouraged the growth of town near their army bases and established special town settlements for retired soldiers.
  3. They persuaded the Celtic aristocrats to built town dwelling.
  4. They built in the centre of the town the forum and the basilica.
  5. They built also public baths for both sexes.
  6. They built roads and they were amazingly well built.
  7. They built the first London Bridge across the river Thames.
  8. They settled in the north side of the bridge in Londinium.

Ex. 4 page. 7

If you really want to make an idea of what life was like when the Romans were around, come to Hadrian’s Wall. This amazing skill of engineering was built following a visiting by Roman Emperor Adrian in 122 AD. It is 80 Roman miles long, 8 – 10 feet wide and 15 feet high. If you think that was an achievement, it was not all – no, in addition to the wall, the Romans built a system of small forts, called “milecastles”, which housed garrisons of up to 60 men and were placed on every Roman mile along its entire length.

Sixteen larger forts holding from 500 to 1000 troops were built into the wall too, and the best – known, Housesteads, is now a magnificent open air museum which can show you what life was like for the soldiers who guarded the empire against barbarian raids from the north. You may be surprised to find it was not as  cruel a fate as you imagined – no, the soldiers had underground heater in their sleeping quarters and public hot baths! Come and let your imagination take you back to those distant times in an area tourists have been coming to since the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Let’s go back to thousand years! For an unforgettable experience come to Hadrian’s Wall!