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SLorenzon- practice 29th January 2018
by SLorenzon - (2018-01-28)
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Pag.6 es. 1.

  • Do you know when Romans invaded Britain?

           Romans invaded Britain in 55 BC with Julius Caesar.

  • Did they conquer the whole of the British Isles?

            No, they didn’t.

  • What aspects of civilization did the Romans bring with them?

         Romans persuaded the ruling class of Celtic aristocrats and they turned the towns into centres of commercial activity. They     built roads in Britain to movement of commercial.


Pag.6 es.3

  1. Romans involved tribes in the administration of the province
  2. Near their army bases they built towns as a settlement for retired soldiers
  3. They persuaded the class of Celtic aristocrats to built town dwellings and they turned towns into a centre of commercial activity.
  4. The centre of the town became a forum which gave access to the basilica. Here the courts of justice and the merchant’s assemblies.
  5. every town has its baths. It was a healing spa and meeting place.
  6. Romans built many streets. They were used for troop movement and commercial
  7. The first building in London of Romans was ‘London Bridge’
  8. Londinium was the settlement on the north site of the bridge. It was an important trading centre.


Pag.7 es.4

  1. Get
  2. Feat
  3. An
  4. To
  5. Guarded
  6. As
  7. Back
  8. Unforgettable


Pag.7 es.5

In my opinion the Romans were very advanced, they built some very good roads, walls and a lot of architecture structure. Some are still standing today and this shows what good builders they were. Indeed, they built some streets in every place that they conquered. In Britain, they built over 9.600 kilometres of roads that joined the towns together. Streets used by the troops and for transporting goods. The most important monument in Britain was Hadrian’s wall. It was an achievement where there were small forts and garrisons. it stretched from the east cost to the west coast between England and Scotland and it was built to protect Scotland from invasion. It is true that Romans had built a lot of defensive walls to defend to enemy population. But this construction and the unwillingness to join other population brought to the fall of the Roman Empire. Indeed, most towns were surrounded by stone walls. In the centre of their towns the was the forum. Forum was the civic and the commercial centre. Here there were a basilica and the public baths. It was a healing spa and meeting place. When Romans, with emperor Claudius, arrived to Britain, they wanted to involved the tribes in the administration. They tried to change the administration of Britain. Finally, Romans were a great Empire. They wanted conquered the population of other civilization and they wanted govern they by imposing their policy. They never wanted to be submissive.