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3ALS - AColaut - My thoughts about the Romans 2
by AColaut - (2018-02-20)
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My thoughts about the Romans

The Romans were more advanced then the Celts. The Celts were divided in tribes, instead the Romans were unite and were an only people. They conquered Britain in the years 43-47 AD, preaviously led by the Celts, encouraged the growth of towns near their army bases, established special towns for retired soldiers, built roads to improve army advancement and finally built from scratch the city that today we all know with the name of London. London became the hub at the centre of a major network of roads built to serve the troop movement. However they were a very closed people, in fact they considered barbarians who was not Roman, so they did not unify other populations with theirs. Indeed when they arrived in Britain involved the conquered tribes in the administration of the province, only because they wanted to control the new conquests.