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3ALS - GBenvenuto - The Romans in Britain
by GBenvenuto - (2018-02-20)
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It is beyond doubt the Roman invasion in Britain affected our language, our culture, our geography, our architecture and even the way we think.  Before the Romans, Britain was a disparate set of peoples with no sense of national identity beyond that of their local tribe. I am going to discuss about the Roman invasion in the country and their administration policy.

First of all, the strong point of Roman civilization was the administration. The Romans had a very clear vision of the latter compared to the Celts and previous populations and the conquered tribes of the province were also integrated. Through the road and communication networks that they were able to build, the Romans to build more comfortable commercial and administrative relationships built the cities near the army bases.                                                                                                                                                                      Thanks to the creation of new cities they succeeded in realizing an organization based on economic, political and administrative centers that increased the commercial exchange. In addition, the new cities had very high walls so they could defend, control and save the territory. In fact, the main objective was that of expansion. Consequence of the latter was the importation of the typical architecture: the square, the basilica and the town hall were the most important places of the city. Through these centers the Romans could bring their values within the whole community and beyond: these spaces were used mainly for discussion, as a place of worship and as an administrative place of justice, territory and trade.                                                                                                                      Another very important place was the baths, dedicated to both genders and served as a meeting place and for treatment. This shows how the Roman civilization worried about its population, to make it very good and comfortable.

Apart from this, a negative aspects of the Romans was the lack of integration and influences from other people because his prevented the reinforcement of the empire, and for this reason the Roman culture was a unchanged culture, that it did not tolerate other way of thinking of habits.