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ICorazza - 3ALS - The Romans
by ICorazza - (2018-02-20)
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The Romans


There is no doubt that the Romans were the point of view of most civilisation that followed them and everyone of them were striving to be Roman because they developed strategies to survive and to conquer countries or population that any other civilisation had never thought.

However they had only a point to their disadvantage which caused the empire’s collapse.


The Romans were a population of conquer who needed to extend their boundaries .

They invaded Britain in 55 B.C but the real conquest of the country took place between the 43 and 47 AD.

One of the most important things that the Romans did was involved the conquered tribes in the administration of the province. It was necessary to keep territories under control and to obtain the support of the conquered peoples.

Moreover they built towns near their army bases because the town offered an organisation more complex and more complete than the countryside and it was convenient for developing commercial and social relationships and they established special towns as settlements for retired soldiers to protect them and not to consent their union with others.

I think they would show off their well-organized society finalized to the economy growth and how they organized the territories according to a vision from an administrative social and political point of view.


 Not to mention the fact that most of towns were surrounded by stone walls to defend them civic and social centre and to prevent the entry of enemies. To reinforce my idea I am going to report an example of one of the most important  monument built by the Romans in Britain; it was Hadrian’s Wall, constructed as a defensive fortification and customs barrier from the east cost and the west cost. The centre of a Roman town was the forum where were discussed citizen affairs, which gave access to the basilica that was the religious seat and to the town hall where were held courts of justice and merchants’ assemblies, so there were practised the administrative affairs .This makes understand how they have brought the typical values ​​of their city even in those conquered.Moreover every town had public baths open to both sexs, even if they had to go there at different times of day, and they were used as a healing spa, as a meeting place where people could relax them self. It underlines that the Romans wanted to make people feel good. Last but not least town boundaries contained a regular network of streets which joined towns together and they weren’t always straight, but they were well built and made troop movement. Later they made the movement of commercial goods, much easier.  


Contrary to all these force’s point of the Romans, there is only one negative aspect.They had never thought about the impact they could had in the other population and they had never involved with them indeed they had never absorbed influences from countries because they only wanted to expand and to conquer as many territories as possible. However this caused the emperor destruction.I think that if they had reinforced the integration, the empire would not have collapsed and it would have still remained an unquestionable power for many years. 


All things considered I believe the Romans were one of the most important civilisation of the past; they were the bases on which today countries were developed.Our isles has a Roman name, its capital is a Roman city and for years the language of our religion and administration was a Roman one.So I can say that also if they had never absorbed influences from other civilisation they affected the language, the culture, the geography, the architecture and even the way of think of every population they conquered.