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GPozzar - Homework 10/1/2018
by GPozzar - (2018-02-25)
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Pg 32 es.1/2/3/4/5/6/7

ES. 1
I go out for a meal with my family to my grandma’s place.
I go out for a meal with my friends to a burger bar

ES. 2
Is in the air?= B
Has a lot of modern technology? =C
Is under the water? = A
2. I would like to go to Ithaca Undersea Restaurant, because I love the see and the creature that inhabit it.

ES. 3
1) Dinner in the Sky= Fish soup, pancakes and paella
’S Baggers= Vegetarian dishes and meat
2) Ithaa= From 90 euro to 200euro
Dinner in the Sky= 30.000euro for 20 people
’S Baggers= From 10 euro to 20euro
3) Ithaa= 14 people
dinner in the Sky= 20 people

ES. 4
1) C
2) C
3) A
4) B
5) B
6) A
7) B
8) B

ES. 5
2) Meal
3) Dish
4) Meal
5) Dish

ES. 6
Luch is my favorite meal of the day
I love this pizza dish
My friends and I go out for a meal to celebrate our birthdays
My favorite dish is pizza

ES. 7
Delicious food tastes very good
Spicy food has a strong hot taste
Fresh food is food the cook buys and prepares just before you eat it
local food is from a place near your home
Traditional food is the special recipes from a country

Pg 34 es.1/2/3
ES. 1
1.Where? In Bunol
2. When? In August

ES. 2
1) A
2) The
3) The
4) A
5) The
6) The
7) The

ES. 3
1) A
2) The
3) An
4) The
5) O
6) The
7) A
8) The
9) The
10) A
11) The
12) O