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3ALS - AColaut - Analysis on Hold Fast To Dreams
by AColaut - (2018-03-05)
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Analysis on Hold Fast To Dreams

The purpose of this text is to analyze Hold Fast To Dreams.Considering the title I think this poem is going to tell abouts dreams and thoughts about life.

The poem is organized into 2 quatrains and there is only a rhyme between go and snow. The first 4 lines the poet tells that if dreams die, life suffers like a broken-winged bird. In the last 4 lines he tells that when dreams disappear, life becomes cold and without happy feelings, like a frozen, barren field with snow. So, we have to live a life full of dreams because without them life is dead and useless.

To sum up, the purpose of this poem is to make the reader understand that life is the most important thing we have, so we have to dream, because life dies without dreams.