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SNardella - Homework - 6/03/2018
by SNardella - (2018-03-05)
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I: 350.762.8231. Hi Stefania, I’m Samantha!

S: Hi Samantha, how are you?

I: I’m well. And you?

S: So so.

I: Why?

S: Because I’m very tired. I had study all the afternoon!

I: I have a idea! If you want, we can go to the pizzeria Gigi for a very big pizza! I’m very hungry!

S: oh, it’s a super idea!

I: Well, we meet near the pizzeria Gigi at 7:30 p.m

S: ok, super. By!

I: by!



1 They are famous because they working in a popular gastropub in Centre of London.

2 A commis chef in a cook who prepare special dishes.


She’s working in a gastropub

You’re helping the chef to make great dishes.

I’m not going out a lot at the weekend

What is Susanna doing exactly ?


1 Susanna isn’t watching TV. She is chopping vegetables for tonight’s dinner.

2 The chef shout at Susanna as she don’t work fast enough

3 It’s midnight and Susanna don’t leave the restaurant yet. She still cleaning the kitchen

4 This year she don’t go to school. She is doing an apprenticeship.


1 What is the teacher doing?

2 Anyone is sitting near the window?           no

3 Is anybody wearing something black?         No, it isn’t

4 Are any students writing?          

5 Are all the students doing the exercise?         Yes, they are



1 The Peace Corps come from the USA

2 They promotes peace and friendship in the world, and they work with local people.

3 the volunteers work abroad.


1 c

2 a

3 f

4 b

5 e

6 d


1T, 2T, 3F, 4T, 5T, 6F


I’m agree with the first statements, because it represents me


2. w







1 learn Spanish, a language, practical skills, to work in a team, about yourself

2 teach Spanish, Spanish to teenagers, teenagers Spanish, them to make bread, them about Spain


1 My brother teaches Maths in a big secondary school. He is learning me Maths now because I have a test tomorrow

2 This year in history, we are learning about the French Revolution.

3 My grandmother is learning to use the computer. Today, I’m teaches her to send emails