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JSchiff _ Homework for the 6th March 2018
by JSchiff - (2018-03-05)
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Page 44-45 all the exercises

Exercise 1 page 44

  1. They’re famous because they write books about their life and they have TV programs .
  2. A commis chef is a chef that just started work and have to see how to work in the kitchen with a team, the base level of a chef.


Exercise 2 page 44

Present Continuous

You use the Present Continuous  to talk about actions happening at the time of speaking.

To make the Present Continuous you use am/are/is +subject+ -ing form.

-I am doing an apprenticeship.

+ She’s working in a gastropub.

   You’re helping the chefs to make great dishes.

-I’m not going out a lot at the weekend.

  What is Susanna doing exactly?

? Is she making new friends?

   Yes, she is.

Are they going out a lot?

No, they aren’t.


Exercise 3 page 44

  1. Susanna isn’t watching TV. She’s chopping vegetables for tonight’s dinner.
  2. The chef is shouting Susanna as she isn’t working fast enough.
  3. It’s midnight and Susanna isn’t leaving the restaurant yet. She’s cleaning the kitchen.
  4. This year she’s not going to school. She’s  doing an apprenticeship.


Exercise 4 page 44

  1. What is the teacher doing?
  2. Is anyone sitting near the window?
  3. Is anybody wearing something black?
  4. Are any students writing?
  5. Are all the students doing this exercise?


Exercise 5 page 44

A: What is the teacher doing?

B: She’s writing on the board.

A: Is anyone sitting near the window?

B: The there isn’t.

A: Is anybody wearing something black<?

B: Yes, the guy over there.

A: Are any student writing?

B: Yes, they are writing the homework.

A: Are all the student doing this exercise?

B: No, some of them already finished it.


Exercise 1 page 45

1=The Peace Corps come from the USA.

2= The Peace Corps promotes peace and friendships in the world, voluntary works, teach children and some other works.

3= They work abroad the USA, in poor states and continents as Africa.


Exercise 2 page 45

  1. More than a number Peace Corps volunteers are working around the world today.
  2. The first speaker, Amy, is in South name of a continent.
  3. Amy is helping to build a new a type of building.
  4. Terri and her co-workers are producing fresh a kind of food.
  5. Richard is learning something you can learn from children.
  6. Peace Corps volunteers meet people who are an adjective.


Exercise 5 page 45

I would like to do voluntary work because I love travelling and I want to learn about the world.

Exercise 6 page 45

  1. B
  2. W
  3. R
  4. R
  5. M
  6. T
  7. K


Exercise 7 page 45

Learn= [Spanish, a language, practical skills, to work in a team, about yourself]

Teach= [Spanish, Spanish to teenagers, teenagers Spanish, them to make bread, them about Spain]


Exercise 8 page 45

1= My brother teaches  Maths in a big secondary school.

He is teaching me Maths now because I have a test tomorrow.

2= This year in History, we are learning about the French Revolution.

3= My grandmother is learning to use the computer. Today, I’m teaching her to send e-mails.