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JSchiff _ Homework for the 6th March 2018
by JSchiff - (2018-03-05)
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A: (phone calling) ... Hello, there?

B: ... Hello, who’s there?

A: Hi, Lucy! It’s me, Tom! It’s been a lot of time since I heard you. How are you?

B: Hi, Tom! I’m pretty fine, thank you. And you?

A: Me either. I was wondering if you would like to go out for a meal with me, would you?

B: Yes, that’s a nice idea! Where would you like to go?

A: I was thinking about Villa de Asarta, that famous restaurant in Udine, do you know it?

B: Of course I do! I really like it.

A: Perfect! What Saturday evening at 8 o’clock?

B: Let me see... No problem!

A: OK. What’s your favourite food?

B: Well, I think it is Carbonara, but I also like lasagne. What about you?

A: My favourite food is spaghetti with meat sauce.

B: I don’t like them really much.

A: What would you like to have?

B: Well... what about a pizza?

A: I think it’s ok, which taste?

B: I don’t know. What taste of pizza do you like?

A: Personally I like salami pizza, what about you?

B: It’s OK.

A: What would you like to drink?

B: I’d like a big beer, and you?

A: I don’t like beer really much... What about some black wine?

B: That’s not a problem!

A: Thanks, OK then, Let’s see on Saturday’s evening! Good night!

B: Sure! Good night.