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MPinat - Homework (5/3/2018)
by MPinat - (2018-03-05)
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Exercises at page 44:

Ex 1

1)Because they are famous chefs.

2)A commis chef is a person who prepares a restaurant’s menu.


Ex 2

2) She is working in a gastropub.

3) You are helping the chefs to make great dishes.

4) I’m not going out a lot at the weekend.

5) What is Susanna doing exactly.


Ex 3

1)Susanna isn’t watching TV. She is chopping vegetables for tonight’s dinner.

2)The chef is shouting Susanna as she isn’t working fast enough.

3)It’s midnight and Susanna didn’t leave the restaurant yet. She’s still cleaning the kitchen.

4)This year she will not going to school. She will doing a partnership.


Ex 4

1)What is the teacher doing?

2)Is anyone sitting near a window?

3)Is anybody wearing something black?

4)Are any students writing?

5)Are all the students doing this exercise?


Ex 5

1)The teacher is writing on the blackboard.

2)Yes, Marco is sitting near a window.

3)No, nobody is wearing something black.

4)Yes, I’m writing.

5)Yes, they are.


Exercises at page 45:

Ex 1

1)The Peace Corps is from US.

2)The Peace Corps promotes peace and friendship in the world.

3)They work with local people in poor countries.


Ex 2








Ex 5

I would like to to work as a volunteer abroad because I want to learn about the world and help people in difficulty.


Ex 7




Ex 8

1)My brother teaches Maths in a big secondary school. He is teaching me Maths now because I have a test tomorrow.

2)This year in History, we are learning about the French Revolution.

3)My grandmother is learning to use the computer. Today, I’m learning her to send emails.



A: Hi Sara, It’s Margherita.

B: Hi, how are you? How can I help you?

A: I’m fine, thanks. Would you like to go to have pizza at Chichibio?

B: Sure, I love pizza! What time will we go to Chichibio?

A: I’ll step to get you at about half past seven.

B: Ok, see you later!

A: Bye!