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ASantoro _ 3als - translation
by ASantoro - (2018-03-19)
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1. They are bankers
2. Where do you love?
3. He doesn't wear glasses
4. She usually has cereals for breakfast
5. I never arrive late at work
6. A: Who are you waiting for? B: i'm waiting for a friend of mine
7. A:What are you doing after breakfast? BI'm going to the bar
8. A:what are you going to cook this evening? B: I'm going to cook pasta A: Good!I really like pasta!
1. Ahi! You're trampling my feet!
2.they always have breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings
3. She can't come to the telephone now. She is having a shower
4. We need your response before Wednesday .
5.now I'm studying a lot because next week I' having my exams.
6. She never eats meet.
7. They are always late
8. Are you hanging out this evening?
9. He never answers my emails
10. A: Vai al parco questo pomeriggio? B: I don't know. It depends on the weather.

1. A: what are you eating?B:A cheese sandwich
2. A: Where are you having lunch today?B: At home.My mum is going to cook pasta.
3. A:what does he do?B: He is a business consultant
4. A: are you going away this weekend? B: No, we are staying there
5. A: would you like to have dinner out? B: Si, it would be great.where are we going?
6. A:what are you cooking? B: I don't know, but it
A: Cosa stavi facendo ieri sera alle 6? B: Guardavo la TV. Era una sera fredda, e pioveva. Quando accesero la TV, la partita era finita.
Quando John è arrivato, hanno cenato. Quando John è arrivato, stavano cenando. Quando John è arrivato, avevano cenato.smells good.

They got married last year
At what time did you wake up this morning?
I didn't manage to do my homework because I didn't have enough time.

A: What were you doing yesterday evening at six o'clock? B: I was watching TV. It was a cold evening and it rained. When they switched on TV, the match was over.
When John arrived, they had dinner. Quando John arrived , they were having dinner. Quando John arrived, they had had dinner .