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by AColaut - (2018-03-19)
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Exercise 1A

1)    They work in the bank.

2)    Where do you live?

3)    He doesn’t wear glasses.

4)    She usually has cereals for breakfast.

5)    I never arrive late at work.

6)    A: Who are you waiting for? B: I'm waiting for a friend.

7)    A: what do you do after breakfast? B: I go to the bar.

8)    A: what are you cooking tonight? B: I’m prepearing pasta A: good! I really like pasta.


1)    Ouch! You are trampling on my foot!

2)    They always have breakfast in bed on Sundays mornings.

3)    She can not come to the phone now. She is having a shower.

4)    We need your answer before Wednesday.

5)    I’m studying hard now because next week I’m going to have the exams.

6)    She doesn’t eat meat at all.

7)    They are always late.

8)    Are you going out tonight?

9)    He never answers at my emails!

10) A: Are you going to the park this afternoon? B: I don’t know. Depends on the weather.


1)    A: What are you having? B: I’m having a cheese sandwich.

2)    A: Where are you going to have lunch today? B: At home. My mom prepares pasta.

3)    A: What does he do? B: he is an accountant.

4)    A: Are you going away this weekend? B: No, we are staying here.

5)    A: Would you like to go out for dinner tonight? B:Yes, it would be great. Where are we going?

6)    A: What is he cooking? B: I don’t know, but it smells good