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3als _ ASantoro - translation and more exercises
by ASantoro - (2018-04-01)
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My sister is willing to adopt a child
Are you going to buy a car?
Next week I'm not going to New York.
It is going to rain
We are getting married in October
They are meeting at 10.0
She is leaving
I'l have a beef steak
Shall I carry that bag for you?
Shall I help you with your homework?
What about having a meal out this evening?
You'll really like the film.
Tomorrow I'm not going to work because it is Saturday
Why don't we have dinner out this evening? Good idea.
Next week we are going to Brazil. I can't wait. What are you wearing for the party this evening?
This is heavy. I'll help you.
Mi trovo con un amico stasera
I am really sorry. I swear I want to do it again.
They are getting married in may.
I'm Sorry, Ann isn't there.
I will call later.

Fill in the present perfect simple or the present perfect progressive.
1. Jane has been writing (write) a letter to a magazine. She Has not finished (not finish) it yet.
2. Ben Has been looking (look) for his pen-knife, but he Has not found (not find) it yet.
3. Jenny Has been waiting (wait) for the bus for half an hour, but it Has not arrived (not arrive) yet.
4. Nick Has been playing (play) a computer game for two hours and he is still playing.
5. Mike Has not finished (not finished) painting his car yet. He Has been working (work) on it for two weeks.
6. Amanda Has not come (not come) home yet. She Has been shopping (shop) in town since 10 o'clock.
7. Mike's car Has been making (make) strange noises. Nick and Jane have cleaned (clean) all the parts.
8. Ben Has been drawing (draw) cartoons for two hours. He Has not finished (not finish) yet.
9. Greg Has been waiting (wait) for Jenny in town. Jenny Hasn't arrived (not arrive) yet.
10. Jane Has been knitting (knit) a pullover. She Has not finished (not finish) yet.
11. It Has been raining (rain) all day and it Has not stopped (not stop) yet.
12. Mr Blake Has been making (make) tests all evening but he Has not found (not find) a perfect one yet.
Find out the correct tense and write it into the gaps.
1. Tim and Carol Were (be) late yesterday.
2. When he Arrived (arrive), we Were having (have) dinner.
3. While they Were playing (play) tennis, we Were taking (take) our dog for a walk.
4. When I Got (get) up, he Was sitting (sit) in the garden and Was reading (read) a book.
5. I Have never been (never be) to India.
6. I'm not sure if we Will visit (visit) her tomorrow.
7. No, I don't want to eat anything because I Have just had (just have) lunch.
8. She Slept (sleep) well last night.
9. Look! Susan Is swimming (swim) in the pool.
10. When he Was walking (walk) down the street, he Saw (see) Jill.
11. She always Takes (take) a shower in the morning.
12. After we Had taken (take) some photos of the cathedral, we Went (go) to the next restaurant to have dinner.
13. They Met (meet) my brother an hour ago.
14. This is the most beautiful painting I Have ever seen (ever see).
15. They Told (tell) us that it Is raining (rain) the next days.