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ICorazza - 3ALS - Listening 8
by ICorazza - (2018-04-03)
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The object of the present text is to report and explain the message of listening eight.


To start with listening number eight is a recording of a radio talk show where an interviewer talk with a chef, whos name is Becky and she was chosen because she had a successful career and because she went to that town’s high school, about her career.


The radio programme starts when the interviewer asks her how did she get into this business and she states that she got a degree in home Economics she was offered a job working for the University’s catering service: she managed the staff and she organised the meals, the order of food, the table plan’s organisation for banquets and so on and what she most enjoys about her job was preparing and inventing various dishes.

In addition she informed the interviewer that she started to work abroad some years ago when she went to France and she worked in several restaurants that it was a real highlight of her career because she learnt the variation of cooking techniques and she understood that her favourite style was simple cooking techniques such as rustic homestyle cooking or regional cooking. Now she is working in Langely Island where she has to prepare breakfast for 60 people every morning, to do some other preparations in the kitchen for lunch and for dinner; she guess that’s a long day but she enjoy it so much. Instead during her free time she usually go canoeing, kayaking or hiking to relax herself.


However there is also something she don’t like about her job; she refers to the interviewer the only thing she doesn’t like is the fact that she has to work under an employer because he results in little opportunity for her to be creative.


An other undeniable fact that she underlines during the conversation is that salmon is hard to come by as so much of it is sent down to Vancouver to be sold but the guests of the restaurant where Becky works sometimes ask them to cook the fish they catch and this is important because they are sure that they will have a delicious and tempting dish.


All things consider I believe the message of the listening is that it is important for people have a job especially when students leave school or University because they have to start to gain some money to pay their studies. Moreover it want to make clear that it is necessary to follow a good dietician in which you don’t have to eat fast food or food already made because such foods are extremely rich in fat and cholesterol but you have to cook fresh fish or vegetables and to have regular healthy and traditional meals at home.