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3ALS - AIordache April Rain
by AIordache - (2018-04-04)
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April Rain Analysis


The aim of the text I am going to write is to analyse the poem April Rain by Langston Hughes.


Taking into consideration the title,we may expect the poem to be about the April month, indeed after reading the first line our idea is confirmed to be right.


We can observe an asymmetric lay-out with free verse; it is full of anaphoras: the repetition of “let”, “rain” and “makes” creates a rhytmic effect, like a song.

In fact moving forword we can find the words lullaby and sleep song.

But...why does the poet use the metaphora lullaby? Maybe because in spring the rain pours with perseverance, like the rhytm of a sweet song.

Another metaphore which conveys the image of an April rain is the adjective “silver”. Usually when it rains and the sky  is cloudy we say it is plombeous.

Here the poet should have used the adjective silver becouse is a glossy metal, it is shining like a day of spring.

Moving ahead we can look at the third and the fourth line it is written how the rain can become: a calm pool or a pouring one; it can have benefic or distructive effects.

The fifth line talks about the rain duration in spring using the adjective “little”.


Last but not least, in the last line the subject of the poem changes and becomes “I”, that expresses the poet’s opinion, and at the same time the reader’s one , because all the poem has persueded the reader to love the rain.