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GGirardi - 3ALS Argumentations and Argumentative Text
by GGirardi - (2017-09-21)
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I’m going to express my opinion about relationship between parents and children from birth to adolescence and how people changes in the different stage of their life.
In the first step the psychologist says the children before going to school depend totally of their parents so they accept all parents’ decision without questions because the physiologist says children are “tabula rasa” so they are like a blank paper on which everything that happens around them is being printed , in the second step when children start going to school they have new relationships with new peer. This new relationship may be long lasting or for a short period, in the third steps the psychologist says when children became teenagers they form groups which they be positive because teenagers make conversation but groups may be negative because some groups have bed behavior like smoke and drink so teenagers start to challenge their parents.
I’m totally agree with the psychologist in all three steps.
For me the parents’ education is very important because with a good education the children grows up well and happy.
For my experience when a children start going to school they choose first friends with similar characteristics.
When children became teenagers they meet a lot of peer with more different characteristics and they form groups sometimes positive ands sometimes negative.
During the adolescence teenagers start to fighting with parents because the teenagers want to be indipendent and that want to take decisions alone.
But I think it all depends form the parents’ education when teenagers are children.