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3ALS_ NCasotto_homework at pag. 23, 26 and 27
by NCasotto - (2017-11-01)
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Listening pag. 23
Yes, I do. Parties like birthday’s party, new year’s day ecc.
2. I usually spent new year’s day on parties with friends
3. No, I don’t
4. My next birthday is the 19th November 2017
B=1. a toast
2. a new job
3. an university
4. joint party
5. Feathers’ Hotel
6. an experience
7. the school hall
8. Cat Fish Brothers
9. sense of humor
10. fifty
Pag. 26 and 27
A= 1. I prefer write a message to my friends because it’s much easier and faster
2. I refer that it will be a special party, where, the time, unjustified absence.
3. b
4. a
B= 1.c; 2.i; 3.i; 4.c; 5.c; 6.i; 7.c;
C= 1. preparation have already started for this big event
2. I’m sure we’ll have a fantastic and memorable evening
3. The graduation ceremony will be held at the university’s Great hall
4. Now let me tell you about the ceremony itself
D=1. I’m writing to Sara;
2.The purpose is the invite to this party;
Dear Sara,
How are you? I haven’t heard you from ages!
I’m writing this letter to tell you about a party, my sister’s party.
My sister is getting an engagement party and so I’m inviting you to this party.
It will be on 12th August, on Saturday. She organized the party on ours vacation’s home, on the seaside. Every person must bring a sweet or a salty, what do you choose?
At the party you can eat, dance with other people, see the fireworks, listen the music by the DJ and you can do the bath in the sea. It will be a great party!
Well, that’s all for now. Let me know if you can come.
Write me soon
Yours, Nicole.
H= Dear Ludovica,
What are you doing in these days? I was glad to heard from you.
It’s 20th December and between five days it’s Christmas.
I’m writing this letter to tell you about Christmas day. On 25th December I want to invite to my house many friends, we could change gifts and eat roast, pandoro and many other things.
What do you think? Would you came?
This year I made the Christmas tree with red, white and blu balls; after that I hang the fireplace the Christmas stockings for me, my mother, my father and many other friends.
Under the Christmas tree my parents and I put lots of gifts for our friends, including you. So, I’d like to have a dinner because at lunch I stay with my parents and cousins. You could came at about 19.00 o’clock, we could have an appetizer!
Write me soon if you came.
Lots of kisses, Nicole.