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ASantoro _ 3ALS - ex pag 23,26,27
by ASantoro - (2017-11-02)
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Ex B p.23
1. New Years 's resolutions
2. A new job
3. Out the universities
4. Joint party
5. The Feather's hotel
6. An awfully expensive
7. The school hall
8. Cat Fish brothers
9. Sense of humor
10. Fifty
Ex A p. 26
1. I prefer sending them text messages because it is faster than phoning them.
2. B
3. A
Ex B p.26
1. C
2. I
3. I
4. C
5. C
6. I
7. C
Ex C p. 26
1. Preparations have already started for this big event
2. I'm sure we'll have a fantastic and memorable evening
3. The graduation cerimonia will be held at the university 's Great hall
4. Now let me talk you about the cerimonia itself
Ex D pag 26
1. I'm writing to a friend of mine
2. Inviting her.
3. B
4. B
5. A
Ex H p.27
Dear Helen,
Just thought of dropping you a line and explaining you the magnificent idea I've just had.
My mum told me you're away from your home at Christmas Day... why don't you come to spend it with my family and me?
We have already started to make some preparations... we decorated the Christmas tree and we hanged so many lights everywhere in the house. My aunt assembled a fabulous crib.. you must come and see it!
As I said before, we are going to celebrate it all together. The location is my grandparents' house. We chose it because it's big enough to contain all of us.
We have got a special tradition: after lunch we like to play table games and sing karaoke. The game I like most is risiko.. I find it involving and.. telling the truth, I usually win.
Does it sound great? Let me know what you think about it.
Best wishes,