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3ALS - GTuniz - pag. 23, 26, 27
by GTuniz - (2017-11-02)
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Ex. A pag. 23
1.Yes, I like. I like going to my friends' parties or even to disco parties.
2.I usually go to my father’s friends house and we have dinner all together. we always spend lovely time together and when midnight 3.arrives, we always use to see fireworks from the garden.
4.No, never.
5.My next birthday will be on the 6th oh may 2018

Ex. B pag. 23
1.New Year’s Resolutions
2.a new job
3.out the universities
4.joint party
5.the father’s hotel
6.an awfully expensive
7.the school hall
8.cat fish brothers
9.sense of humor
10. 50

SPEAKING - Improve your speaking skills -
why don’t we start with the halloween party?
I think is a good idea, isn’t it?
how about organising a karaoke competition?
why don’t you choose something more interesting?
this isn’t the best choice we could make
we’ve talked about everything except for the school trip

Ex. A pag. 26
1. I prefer sending them text messages because it’s faster and easier.
2. I would refer him the address, the time, who will be there, the way he has to dress up and what we will do there.

Ex. B pag. 26


Ex. C pag. 26
1)Preparations have already started for this big event.
2) I’m sure we’ll have a fantastic and memorable evening.
3) The graduation ceremony will be held at the university’s Great Hall.
4)Now let me tell you about the ceremony itself.

Ex. D pag. 26
Hi Lucy,
How are you? I haven’t heard you for ages.
I’m writing you because you are invited at my sister’s party. She is getting engaged and she is giving an engagement party, she is very happy for this. her boyfriend is helping her with all of the stuff’s party. It will be on Saturday, the 5th of July 2017 at eight o’clock.
It will be a pool party and there will be even a professional DJ and a official photographer too. We’ll dance a lot and there will be a barbecue too. You know, John (my sister’s boyfriend) wants to try the new grill that his father gave to him for his 24th birthday and he is so exited for this. So that’s all, we will enjoy our time together so much! Can’t wait for your answer.
Lots of kisses,
Yours, Giorgia.

1. I’m writing to my friend Lucy.
2. The purpose of my letter is to invite a friend to my sister’s party.


Ex. H pag. 27
Dear Stefano,
How are you?
Sorry if I haven’t written you recently but in this period I was busy every day.
I’m writing you because I want to invite you to spend the Christmas Day with my family and I at my home. I hope you are free because I really want to see you, I miss you. I’m spending these days before Christmas doing preparations, you have to see our living room now, there is a big christmasy tree near the television. My mum bought a lot of food because on Christmas day there will be all of my family and I hope you will be there too, we will eat a lot and I know that you love eating so that’s perfect. We’ll also unwrap presents and we’ll sing carols together even if you don’t like singing because you think you have a bad voice. What do you think about this Christmas program? Do you like it? If you do, I will wait for you at my place on the 24th of December, you can come at 10 a.m.
Lots of love,