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3ALS - AColaut - Exercises page 23 - 26 - 27 unit 2
by AColaut - (2017-11-02)
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Exercises page 23 unit 2

Exercise A page 23

1)Yes, I do. I like going to house parties.

2)I usually spend New Year’s Day with my friends.

3)No, I rarely have parties at my home.

4)My next birthday is going to be on the 18 October 2018

Exercise B page 23

1)New Year’s Resolutions

2)A new job

3)Out the universities

4)Joint party

5)The Feather’s hotel

6)An awfully expensive

7)The school hall

8)Cat Fish Brothers

9)Sense of humor

10)            50 (fifty)

Exercises pages 26 – 27 unit 2

Exercise A page 26

1)I prefer sending a text message or phoning because I can have immediatly a response

2)I would refer to Christmas



Exercise B page 26








Exercise C page 26

1)Preparations have already started for this big event

2)I’m sure we’ll have a fantastic and memorable evening

3)The Graduation ceremony will be held at the university’s Great Hall

4)Now let me tell you about the ceremony itself

Exercise D page 26

Dear Alessandro,

I’m writing this letter to invite you to my sister’s engagement party. It’s going to be on the 16 November at 7 p.m.

She hired a big room in Romans and decorated everything, she is prepearing a lot of games to spend some time together and she is going to cook and buy a lot of snacks because she loves them, so I reccomend you to not have dinner that day.

Yours, Alberto

1)My best friend

2)Inviting my friend to my sister’s party





Exercise F page 27





Exercise H page 27

Dear Alessandro, I know you came here for work but what about if you spend the Christmas Day with me and my family? It’s a really cool idea, don’t you think?

We are going to spend the Christmas day in my new house and I already started preparing decorations, I built the Christmas tree and I put a lot of Christmas balls and lights on it, it’s really nice; then I put over my fire place two red socks and under the tree I left a bit of space, where I put my presents.

 We are going to have the usual Christmas lunch, after we are going to eat even the Christmas trunk and share our presents. I think we’ll have a lot of fun.

That’s all for now! Let me know if you can come.

Take care,