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SLorenzon- practice 6th November 2017
by SLorenzon - (2017-11-04)
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Pag.114 es.A

  1. Has she come earlier, she wouldn’t have missed her flight.
  2. Unless Ben makes a reservation, he won’t be able to find any vacant hotel rooms in the peak season.
  3. Supposing you won a scholarship, what would you do?
  4. Is she were rich, she would live in a big house.
  5. If he had spent his summer holiday at a campsite, he would have made many new friends.
  6. If she had taken the survival course, she would have had a memorable experience.
  7. Get a cab in case you run out of time.
  8. If you use an insect repellent, you will not be bitten by mosquitoes.
  9. If he had confirmed his ticket, he wouldn’t have been in trouble.
  10. Had she set off on her journey erlier, she wouldm’t have got stuck in heavy traffic.


Pag.115 es.B

  1. As long as he arrives in Glasgow, he will call me.
  2. You won’t see her even again unless you appologise for what you said about her.
  3. Call me on my cell phone in case you need me.
  4. Only if she sends me a text message, will I contact her.
  5. They say they will go white-water rafting providing that you do so.


Pag.115 es.C

  1. I’d rather he hadn’t asked me to lend him th money needed.
  2. He is walking as if he were drunk.
  3. If i were you, I wouldn’t talk to him ever again.
  4. He would rather she hadn’t phoned yesterday.
  5. I wish/ if only i had lots of money.
  6. It’s high time they made up their minds.
  7. I wish/ if only they wouldn’t play the music so loud.


Pag.115 es.D

  1. “I’m very disappointed because I’am fired”

“don’t worry! If i were in your shoes, i would try to lokk for another job as soon as i could”

  1. “I’m veru tired. I dug the garden myself”

“it’s high time you hired a gardener”

  1. “did you enjoy your holiday?”

“ no, I dind’t. the hotel was awful. If only i had stayed in a better one even if it had been more expensive”

  1. “suppose you won some money, what would you do?

“ if I won some money, I would go to Hawaii”.


Pag.115 es.E


  1. Had stayed
  2. Have gone
  3. Hadn’t made
  4. Would have enjoyed
  5. Would be
  6. Planned
  7. arranged