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3ALS - AColaut - Feelings are pressing and depressing + exercise B page 140
by AColaut - (2017-11-05)
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Feelings are pressing and depressing

feelings are a fundamental part of our lives, make us feel good in the beautiful and bad moments in the bad moments.

Boredom may perhaps be the cause of a moment of weakness, in fact, when a person is alone and is bored, he always thinks of the negative aspects he will have to deal with at a glance, entering into a state of crisis and closing himself. Anxiety is another feeling that everyone is experiencing and that makes it easy to make mistakes but fear increases our concentration. Finally, when we believe we have achieved our goals, but we find that they have not done so, we can get into a state of depression, where we are alone and we do not relate to the people around us.

So, to finish the feelings do not only have negative aspects and you have to try to control them.

Exercise B page 140

1)Put on





6)Appeal to