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Homework Giulia Papa - grammar page 114 and 115
by GPapa - (2017-11-05)
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A. Fill in the blanks with the suitable verb form.

  1. She will go abroad for her summer holidays if she saves enough money.
  2. Had she come earlier, she wouldn’t have missed her flight.
  3. Unless Ben makes a reservation, he won’t be able to find any vacant hotel rooms in the peak season.
  4. Supposing you won a scholarship, what would you do?
  5. If she were rich, she would live in a big house.
  6. If she had spent his summer holiday at a campsite, he would have made many new friends.
  7. If she had taken the survival course, she would have had a memorable experience.
  8. Get a cab in case you run out of time.
  9. If you use an insect repellent, you will not be bitten by mosquitoes.
  10. If he had confirmed his ticket, he wouldn’t have been in trouble.
  11. Has she set off on her journey earlier, she wouldn’t have got stuck in heavy traffic.

B. Fill in the blanks with the words below.

  1. Even if you take a taxi, you will miss your flight. You are very late.
  2. As long as he arrives in Glasgow, he will call me.
  3. You won’t see her ever again unless you apologise for what you aid about her.
  4. Call me on my cell phone in case you need me.
  5. Only if she sends me a text message, will I contact her.
  6. They say they will go white-water rafting providing that you do so.

C. Fill in the blanks with the correct forms.

  1. I wish she had slept earlier last night.
  2. I’d rather he hadn’t asked me to lend him the money he needed.
  3. He is walking as if he were drunk.
  4. If I were you, I wouldn’t talk to him ever again.
  5. He would rather she hadn’t phoned yesterday.
  6. I wish/If only I had lots of money.
  7. It’s high time they made up their minds.
  8. I wish/If only they wouldn’t play the music so loud.


Fill in the blanks to complete the short dialogues below.

  1. “Why do you look so upset?”

“I missed my train. I wish I hadn’t been late.”

  1. “I’m very disappointed because I’m fired.”

“Don’t worry! If I were in your shoes, I would try to look for another job as soon as I could.”

  1. “I’m very tired. I dug the garden myself.”

“It’s high time you hired a gardener.”

  1. “Did you enjoy your holiay?”

“No, I didn’t. The hotel was awful. If only I had stayed in a better one ever if it had been more expensive!”

  1. “Suppose you won some money, what would you do?”

“If I won some money, I would go to Hawaii.”


Fill in the blanks with the correct form.



Last summer I were on holiday to Italy, but I wish I hadn’t spent it there. The hotel I stayed at was ina downtown area and it didn’t have all the facilities I had expected. I wish had stayed at a seaside hotel in order to avoid all that terrible nois from the heavy traffic! To be honest, I’d rather have gone somewere else to spend my holiday. Anyway, I admit it was my fault because if I hadn’t made alle the arrangements at the last minute, I would have enjoyed my stay.

This summer I wish things would be better. It’s time I planned my holiday and arranged everything in due time before it is too late again!