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by NCasotto - (2017-11-07)
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It is clear that music is a very important form of communication today, is thanks to this that people can open themselves with others.
Music is a tool that brings people united so I’m going to explain why I think that music is very significant.

To begin with music is organized in many types like pop, rock, rap, folk or classic. Every types of music sends us a message that we can understand or not, the message can be different to each person.
Furthermore, most of teenagers listen to music without know what the text tells about. It is very important listen the word of songs because it gives a message.
Usually people became friends with others who listen the same kind of music, today, young people are used to listen to pop and rap music.
Both kind of music sends two different messages, but the second one gives to teenagers a good impact perhaps because the rap’s videos tell about many different topics. In addition both are most popular in teen’s group.

All thing considered, I think that music makes people together and we can use it to express our self and in particular feelings and emotions. The music that I listen represent who I am.